Kinetic Sculpture
About This Project


2019 – Wood, motor and Febreze beachside breeze plastic trash bags

Living amongst the natural landscape of California, it is heartbreaking to see the tragic ecological impact of single-use plastics on the environment. Just a few steps away from the manicured lawns of resorts and hard-to-reach beaches alike, a relentless tide of plastic particles are littering the shoreline and disrupting the natural ecosystems. Drifting out to sea, 1.8 trillion plastic particles have accumulated in the North Pacific Ocean Gyre forming a mass three times the size of Texas, known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

GYRE is a kinetic sculpture that portrays the unfathomable amount of ocean waste as a hypnotically undulating mass of plastic trash bags. Presenting the viewer with the uncomfortable contrast between the soothing motion of the sea and the very substance that threatens to destroy it, this piece confronts the unavoidable reality that the natural beauty of the ocean is being overtaken and destroyed by our cultures’ obsession with plastic.